ihe 2014: Paphos

1st International Conference on the use of iPads in Higher Education (ihe2014) – Paphos, Almyra Hotel, 20 – 22 March 2014



The theme of the inaugural conference was broad, to encourage contributions from a variety of disciplines, and bring together researchers and academics from a wide spectrum of HE fields and educational practices. The list of proposed themes outlined below is indicative of the submissions that were sought:

  • Research on the instructional use of iPads in HE
  • iPads and mobile learning
  • iPads and collaborative, project-based and context-based learning
  • Action research with iPads
  • iPads and ubiquitous learning
  • iPads and informal learning
  • The use of iPads in varied HE disciplines
  • Case studies with iPads
  • Instructional innovations with iPads in HE
  • iPadagogy and the paperless class
  • iPads, usability and learning in HE
  • iPads and learning disabilities in HE
  • BYOD and iPads
  • Pilot projects with iPads
  • Assessing educational apps for the iPad
  • Developing an iPad strategy for HE
  • iPads and faculty professional development
  • iPads versus other tablets in HE

Organizing Committee
Dr. Nicos Souleles – Co-chair, Cyprus University of Technology
Dr. Salomi Papadima – Co-chair, Cyprus University of Technology
Dr. Fernando Loizides – Local organising chair, Cyprus University of Technology
Miss. Stefania Savva – Local organising chair, Cyprus University of Technology
Mrs. Hilary Watters – Local organising chair, Falmouth University
Mrs. Angela Annesley – Programme chair, Falmouth University
Miss. Demetra Perdiou – Committee administrator, Cyprus University of Technology
Miss. Vera Touringou – Committee administrator, Cyprus University of Technology

Ms. Kasmira Dave – University of Western Sydney
Dr. Andri Ioannou – Cyprus University of Technology
Dr. Jane Costello – University of Newfoundland
Dr. Fernando Loizides – Cyprus University of Technology
Dr. Marguerite Koole – Athabasca University
Prof. Tony Shannon – Karl Von Busse Institute of Design
Dr. Nathaniel Ostashewski – Curtin University

Keynote speaker: Prof. Marcus Specht, Open University The Netherlands, CELSTEC - Centre for Learning Sciences & Technologies

Keynote speaker: Prof. Marcus Specht, Open Uni. The Netherlands, CELSTEC – Centre for Learning Sciences & Technologies

Keynote speaker: University of Wolverhampton, School of Computing & IT

Keynote speaker: Prof. John Traxler, University of Wolverhampton, School of Computing & IT, Director, Learning Lab & ADL Co-Lab












Papers presented

  • Using iPads as a dynamic learning tool to develop skills in graphic communication 
and enhance spatial awareness
    Elisabete Cidre – University College London, UK
  • iPadagogy: iPads as drivers of transforming practice in teaching education
    Paul Hopkins, Kevin BurdenUniversity of Hull, UK
  • iPads as collaborative tools to enhance biological identification skills in the lab and field

Sarah L. Taylor, Trish Procter – Keele University, UK
  • Using the Keynote app as a research tool: A case study in medical education
    Veronica MitchellUniversity of Cape Town, South Africa
  • Embedding the iPad as a learning and teaching tool: A case study of staff and student perspectives in a management school
    Mary Morrison, Jean Leah, Fiona Harvey, Carol Masters – University of Southampton, Management School, UK
  • Give them a fishing rod… The use of iPads by education students

Liat Eyal – Levinsky College of Education, Israel
  • The use of the iPad in a first-year introductory physics course
    Brandon van der Ventel, Richard Newman – Stellenbosch University, South Africa
  • Bridging the gap: Preparing the app generation for higher education
    Rebecca Osborne, Sabba N. Quidwai – Fairmont Preparatory Academy, Anaheim, CA
  • Student perceptions of the success of an iPad based reading discussion project
    Emily Saavedra, Dawn Murray – Higher Colleges of Technology, Dubai, UAE
  • iPads at the University of Western Sydney (UWS): Initiating institutional transformation
    Lynnae Rankine, Dennis Macnamara – University of Western Sydney, Australia
  • iPad use in fieldwork: Formal and informal use to enhance pedagogical 

practice in a Bring Your Own Technology world
    Brian W. Whalley, Derek France, University of Chester – Julian R. Park, Alice L. Mauchline, University of Reading, UK – Victoria Powell, Katharine Welsh, University of Chester, UK
  • Student teaching with iPads: Incorporating modern digital tools in teacher preparation
    Kimberly L. Tohill – The Pennsylvania State University, USA
  • Exploring how educators incorporate iPads in learning and instruction: Expectations, experiences, and reflections of education students and faculty 
in a digital media 
master’s programme
    Benjamin Baab, John Bansavich – University of San Francisco, USA
  • Using iPads to increase the level of student engagement in the peer 

review and feedback process
    Anita Backhouse, Ian Wilson, Daniel Mackley – York St John University, UK
  • Implementing iPads as personal learning devices: 
Making the paperless MBA possible
    Sharon Altena – Queensland University of Technology, Australia
  • Adoption and knowledge continuum in the iPad enhanced classroom: 
A working note
    Oliver Young, Richard Tresidder – Sheffield Hallam University, UK
  • iPads, coffee and cake: Becoming experts together – informal learning 

with iPads at the University of Southampton
    Fiona Harvey, Tamsyn Smith – University of Southampton, UK
  • Using iPads to enable cultural change in technology enhanced 
learning: A case study
    Steven Furnell – Plymouth University, UK
  • Comparing student and faculty perceptions on the instructional value 

of iPads in art and design education
    Nicos Souleles, Stefania Savva – Cyprus University of Technology
    Hilary Watters, Angela Annesley – Falmouth University, UK
  • Designing mobile learning activities for outdoor learning
Hagit Meishar Tal, Yael Sneh, Arnon Medzini – Oranim College and The Open University of Israel
  • The usability, functionality and acceptance of iPads in healthcare practice:
    A study of physiotherapy and occupational therapy students on placements
    Arinola Adefila, Lynn Clouder – Coventry University, UK
  • A case study on using iPads to encourage collaborative learning 

in an undergraduate web development class
    Aekaterini Mavri, Fernando Loizides, Nicos Souleles – Cyprus University of Technology
  • Why open educational resources are needed in iPad and other 
mobile learning contexts
Rory McGreal – Athabasca University


In 2015, Cambridge Scholars Publishing printed the full volume of the proceedings, and these can be ordered online.